Thursday, July 16, 2009

{just the beginning of what wedding pictures we have!!}

here is what we do have it looks like a lot now but these are the few tina and john got edited for us to at least show my parents... there is many many more... or so i am told!

cute danielle doing my make up!! 

the rings!
me and my mom!!! she doesnt remember taking this picture apparently she had a lot on her mind!!! 
handing out of the flowers!
my handsome husband seeing me for the very first time!! he is so happy!

everyone just waiting! i personally love ryans face.... just because i dont know why on earth he would be making a face like that... maybe jordan tooted who knows!!!

my oh so handsome husband... he is truly the love of my life!
the closer and closer i got the harder and harder i cried HAPPY tears! luckily auntie kimberli was there with her tissue to save me!!!

luckily we got this winner before jakson went down for the count!!! 
oh the KISS!!
this one is for kathy just so you know this lady is your mom... i know how you seem to forget what she looks like!!! since you didnt recognize her the first time you saw this picture!

my cute grandma and grandpa!!
oh grandma luke!!! she sure loves the hugs!!!!

my all time favorite picture so far.....
i had to make sure jakson was okay after his near faint!!!

i had to and if you cant tell i was so satisfied with myself!!!
the cake!!

the girlies!!! i love them all so much!!
the boys!!! whom i also love!!
just so everyone know the bouquet was supposed to open up and separate! the hitting of the ceiling was an accident!

and that is {THE END}.....for now!