Sunday, January 31, 2010

{breakfast (crepes) 4 dinner}

today was fully of experiments!!! crepes and chocolate pudding dessert!!! and justin loved it all!!! so we had a very successful experimental sunday of treats and meals!!! i am gonna attempt corn bread tomorrow so we will see how that one goes... probably not that bad!!!


oh my cute little grandma kearns will be so proud!!!! i was looking through one of my cook books and found this dessert!!! it is probably one of my favorite things my grandma makes, that and tapioca pudding!!!! i was so excited to find the recipe and make it!!!! it even tasted just like hers!!! quite the little homemaker i am!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

{ ValEnTiNeS cUpcAkEs }

this wonderful friday night, cassie and i decided to do some baking!!! AND THEY WERE NOT EVEN FROM A BOX!!!! homemade all the way!!!! cake batter and frosting!!! so great! HAPPY SINGLES AWARENESS DAY!!! for those with a someone specail HAPPY V-DAY!!!!

p.s. photos done by john luke photography (iphone ha ha) the wonderful things an iphone can do!!