Thursday, November 24, 2011

{Gingerbread House 2011}

This years gingerbread house, I never want to see a candy cane ever again!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{phone blogging}

I am trying this out to see how much I like it. It's possible that I will love it and maybe just maybe I will become a better blogger.

Here's the dogs in their thug life & just being cute!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

{our year in pictures}

Lilly is just like her GRANDMA STACEY and LOVES to watch Dirty Dancing

Lilly decided that it would be a good idea and eat a WHOLE bag of dog treats, needless to say her belly hurt for a few hours.

Lilly's 1st haircut

Hank wondering why Lilly was gone and why I decided to clean the carpets with the extra large "vacuum"

We had a gas leak in our apartment one day and had to get the dogs out so they got to spend the afternoon at work with me, Lilly LOVED it.
We are always SAFE drivers!

Justin had some time off for Spring Break this year so I took a couple days off to spend time with my ever so BUSY husband, we ran down to visit his parents and well lets just say the not so friendly dog Trace decided to attack when Justin thought it would be funny to scare him. Guess Trace got the last laugh.

Lilly doesn't let Hank get to far out of her sights, she sure loves her big brother.

"Dad, what are you studying all the time?"

"UH, it's so hard, now i know why you are never home."
When you are home alone ALL the time you find ways to entertain yourself, I must say Hank sure makes a SUPER cute girl dog. HA

Hank did not care one bit that he had a bow in his hair, until Justin got home, then he rubbed his head on the ground like he was so EMBARRASSED.

Some CRAFTIES i have been working on lately.

Justin is Hanks favorite, so he does not leave his side whenever he is home.

Hiking Mt. Timpanogos

The Towel Cake that I made for Jenessa's {Justin's sister} Bridal Shower

The Whole Fam

The most DELICIOUS peach I have ever eaten.

The costumes

Jenessa & Kyle's Wedding

He does a lot of this in his spare time

Result of Hank's last hair cut, he freaked out so bad he popped a blood vessel.


The Pumpkins

Well there you all go that has been our year so far, I think that I will try and be a little better for the rest of the year. Our problem we have decided is we never take a camera anywhere we go so all I have is Iphone photos. So I am not making and promises but am saying I will try and be better! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{ once upon a time...}

i used to blog... but now we are boring so dont anymore...! but the one HUGE main thing i forgot to introduce was our new little girly LILLY ANN!