Tuesday, August 25, 2009

{the day came when jenessa finally left for school!!!}

the day has finally come.... jenessa is off at school! i just am gone miss this face!!!!

i just wanted people to see that {sometimes} she can make a good face for a picture!
excited for the awesome long ride to logan {really not that long, but whatever!!}
justin was really sad that his sister was leaving him.... not sure how he is going to last with out jenessa til {christmas}
{the boxes}
i secretly think justin wanted to drop jenessa off at school to see all his old friends from when he was there...{but we didnt see any so... i think he didnt have any}
the {boys} were really excited when we finally made it home!!! scamper has separation anxiety so he got some good drugs to knock him out while we were gone.... but he fights the urge to sleep so when we got home he was a little loopy!!!
trace doesnt like to be held that much so this was a nice change then the usually run away dog!
{there are no words.... other then he is just one special dog!!}

Monday, August 24, 2009

{doing the dishes!!}

this is how our weekend started... with scamper just chillin on our couch {illegally so shhh dont tell on us!!!}

then sunday morning while i was hurrying to get ready to bring scamper home so he didnt die of boredom in our tiny home... but justin didnt think i was going fast enough i guess because he came busting in the bathroom with blood oozing from his finger and said we had to go now!!!
this is justin really happy not sure why cuz no drugs were given to him....
then the doctors were taking to long so justin thought if he played dead they would hurry it up a little!!!

this is the second time while doing dishes that justin has cut himself!!! the first time was not deep enough for stitches somehow i think this is all intentional as to get out of doing dishes... but until both arms are missing dishes are his designated job!!!