Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Since I rarely blog anymore and since when I do blog it's ig photos. How about you follow me on instagram @mckinseyluke! FUN!

{june - july photo drop}

1.make a funny face family photo
2.what my Monday nights consist of this summer
3.hank loves REAL Salt Lake
4.beyond ridic temps
5.my main man grillin
6.best zoo day of my life (more pics to come)
7.cinnamon chips for the fruit salsa
8.USA women's soccer game
9.treat from the hubs - just because
10.the short version of our ❤ story
11.the fruit salsa to go with the cinnamon chips
12.my homemade American pride
13.the men of my life
14.4 years same l❤ve
15.my princess and the pea
16.this guy had a birthday
17.free dinner he seemed pleased I think
18.2042 we be lookin good
19.he was thrilled about his new GRILL.... Not to be confused with his new GIRL. I know confusing
20.the awkward moment when I realized zach galifinanakis in the campaign looks like my old pediatrician dr. black
21.I live a thug life
22.golf for the hubs - I also had fun I was shocked
23.best looking couple at the USA women's soccer game
24.lilly's eye healed I am beyond thrilled
25.I was excited for free pizza
26.helping with the yard chores