Saturday, May 15, 2010


Justin only has a week off in between spring and summer semester so being the awesome wife that i am i made the sacrifice of taking a week off so i could spend time with him and hank! we have had a very eventful week, we went to ikea and bought a bed, went to the living planet aquarium (again, because its so fun), the zoo, to see iron man 2, and just hung around! we have photos from all these fun events but i dont want to over due the blogging, so stay tuned for the lukes fun filled week!

{my new home!!!}

So in order for Hank to live with us we had to find somewhere that allowed dogs...since the student housing doesnt allow it and sneaking him in and out (really hard to do with a brand new puppy... who goes potty a lot!!) was a huge pain in the butt, we moved! i love our new home so much and its right down town so we can walk to just about anywhere you wanna go!! we will miss our first home, just not the painted make believe carpet and cinderblock walls! ha


For valentines day i received the greatest gift i have ever gotten from my amazing husband!! i was very puppy hungry and been wanting a buddy to hang out with me while Justin was in class and at the library late at night! a couple of Saturdays while i was at work i kept asking Justin what he was up to that day and he was being kinda secretive but i just let it go and thought my he was telling the truth that he was infact cleaning the car and at the gym, since those are his normal Saturday's while i am working. then it was time for me to go home from work, Justin had the car so he came and got me. i sat down and some little brown furball was bouncing around in the back seat!!! i almost cried i was so excited!!! so now that we have owned him for 4 months and have been told i am a horrible mother for not posting pictures of him here ya go!! we love him so freakin much!!!Me with my cute little man, this was the day we got him... he was and is still super little!! not so much a fan of the cuddling tho, kinda really depressing!!

we love him as you can see... also as you can see not a cuddler!!

super big stud!!

hank with his best bud scamper!!