Sunday, September 13, 2009

{our state fair... is a GREAT state fair}

we spent our friday night looking at all the wonderful things at our STATE FAIR!!!!

first we started out with the goats!!! my favorite was the kids.... for those who dont speak farm thats a baby goat!!! these two just kept raming their heads together it sure was cute!!!

and low and behold look who we found at the farm!!!! BERKLEE....just so everyone is aware she does not play with the goats she WORKS with the goats!!
this was justins favorite animal at the fair!!! i must admit it was pretty dang cool looking!!!
what i learned at the fair!!!.... the diffence between a dairy cow and a beef cow is...?!!

this cow gives milk....
and this one gives beef....
and this one.... well he is just very awesome looking!!!
and this cow.... is so very very cute!!
the biggest pig i have ever seen!!! he will make lots of bacon one day!!!....mmm bacon!!
cute little piglets!!!
i found this hot mess with all the other crazy carnies that come out when the fairs in town!!
he was just so darn cute he deserved a kiss... and as you can see he is just as surprised as all of you might be that he deserved it.... haha
my delicious huge sugary COTTON CANDY.... i heart cotton candy!!!

also i got my foot all tat'ed out!!... im a bad A!!


the fish were gross and kinda scary.... not my favorite animal at the fair!!