Friday, January 20, 2012

{kong bone}

Apparently the kong bone is like gold to the dogs they fighting over it all night long. I have never seen Hank guard anything like the kong bone.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I dunno about all of you but this fall weather is getting me excited about the holidays. Oh wait it's January 19th! Maybe it's because my whole life we have have 4 months at least of snow and this this year we have had 3 extremely small snow storms, but I'm just in a funk. I love snow storms, being able to cuddle up and drink my hot chocolate. Not having snow has thrown me all off and I keep waiting for everything to be right in the world again.
52 degrees with rain not okay for January 19th I'm just saying!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{ringing in the new year}

Our little tradition we do each year on New Years Eve is to go to the most delicious place on earth {the melting pot}. It did not disappoint! But we were so stuffed we barely stayed awake til midnight for a little new years kiss and some firework produced by EVE. I will be copying my aunt kimberli and {trying} to do a photo a day with a small caption so I don't completely suck at blogging this year. Wish me luck!

{christmas pics} - a bit late I know!

We needed a thoughtful gift we could give our grandparents and parents, and since my grandma is always hinting she needs updated picture of everyone, we thought we would follow through and we love them! Of course all rights of the pics belong to my father in law John Luke.