Thursday, January 19, 2012


I dunno about all of you but this fall weather is getting me excited about the holidays. Oh wait it's January 19th! Maybe it's because my whole life we have have 4 months at least of snow and this this year we have had 3 extremely small snow storms, but I'm just in a funk. I love snow storms, being able to cuddle up and drink my hot chocolate. Not having snow has thrown me all off and I keep waiting for everything to be right in the world again.
52 degrees with rain not okay for January 19th I'm just saying!


  1. It's been awful hasn't it? We are in California right now and it's a lot colder than usually too...hmmm...something is seriously wrong! ;)
    MIss you.

  2. I think I would be more disappointed that I was in California and it was colder than usual, then dealing with the weather nonsense here in Utah. But all together something just seriously wrong you are right! I woke up and on my walk to work this morning it felt like Spring, it felt, smelt, and looked like sometime in April or May. Miss you too Kenzie!