Monday, December 7, 2009

{ our cute little christmas tree!! }

our cute first christmas tree... and i love it so much!! its the perfect size for our little happy home!!

the whole christmas tree
J... for justin
M... for mckinsey
just one of our christmas ornaments
the whole tree... again
we bought a star for on top of the tree but it was not the right size so for now we will just use a bow... plus i think it kinda goes with the theme of the tree much better then a star would have!!

{ gingerbread houses!! }

every year for thanksgiving, justins family decorates gingerbread houses... for the many years past justin has had a not so great looking gingerbread house so this year everyone was quite impressed with what we came up with... probably because in years past it looked like throw up!! ha

side view

walk way...
justins special job was cutting the pretzels evenly... also finding the wreath.. i think he did an awesome job!!