Tuesday, June 23, 2009

{our honeymoon!!!!}

so we dont have any of our wedded pictures yet... just because they havent been touch up and what not... ya know makin them look good!! so since we just got back from the BAHAMAS i can share those oh so fun pictures with you!!! there is a lot so if you get bored then oh well... cuz it was an awesome trip and it was well worth it!!!

justin has this problem where no matter what he always is getting hurt!!! this was the very first night of our trip when we were swimming in the pool at the hotel in florida!! he just wanted to have an awesome big ol' red sore right in the middle of his face for all our pictures!!! 

our boat .... we couldnt go to our room until 2 so we had to just chill on the boat til then...

the cute little room and bathroom!! we just loved it so much!! so freakin cute!!!
the beautiful site out our cute little room!

waitin to go on the glass bottom boat ride!!! first day in the bahamas!!!
the weather there was so crazy hot!!! we could hardly wear any cloths and were still so sweaty!! the islanders in the other hand had tons of cloths on we just didnt understand!!!

the boat ride around the harbor!!!

chillin by the cruise boat pool!! 
justin loved this little light house!! it was pretty dang adorable!!
another beautiful view out our window!

oh so in LOVE!!!
oh but of course justin finds some way to do electrical work while on our honeymoon!!!! 

the cruiseline had its own private beach in the BAHAMAS and this was how our second day was spent just layin out and playin in the ocean that was so clear and blue!!!! AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

we got FRIED!!!! so much pain but well worth it!!!
waitin for the last night comedy show to start!!! it was one of the funniest shows!!! we were crying we were laughing so hard!!!
i cheated on justin a little on the HONEYMOON!!! haha but he said that was my only one free pass!

being at the airport from 9:30 until 3:00 is pretty dang boring and made the longest day of our lives!!!! but over all the best honeymoon ever!!!!



  1. Welcome back Lukes! I missed you! Your honeymoon looks fabulous! Justin...a little makeup would have covered that up for you!

    : )

  2. so that little light house...so cute! but can i just tell you how it hasn't really sunk in that you guys are married?! i think you need to have a baby and then it will be real!!