Saturday, December 4, 2010

{tis the christmas season}

Every year Justin's family gets together on Thanksgiving night to decorate gingerbread houses, I have been told that it all started with the small generic store bought gingerbread houses. Since then it has evolved in monsterous wood built houses covered in candy. Last year we did the store bought house, this year we did a wood built and this is how it turned out!



{you cant have a dog house without the pee and poop!}

{and of course it will need a KOI pond!}

It was Hanks 1st birthday on November 28th, so to celebrate and show our love we built him a DOG GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!!


Our Black Friday purchase!
We have been wanting a new couch since we bought our old ones, they we off of KSL, were really cheap, used and some how learned to eat people alive. We found these beauties at RC Willey and were not bad price wise, we love them, and they are super comfy!

{our cute little hankers will be visited by santa this year so he needs a stocking for all his gifts!!}

This is his spot, he called it the second the couches arrived!!
{Not to mention when we bought the couch that was a selling point, because we knew that would be his spot! boy were we right!}

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